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Tuesday, October 06 2020
Be The Need

Man!  Yes you Man!  

How ya feeling?  How ya dealing with your world?  How’s your family?  Are you guarding your heart?  Are you guarding their hearts?  

You can you know, its part of your skill set.  Its how God made you.  To know and pray for and guard your crew.  It's all there within you.  Every skill you need to be who you were designed to be is there within you, either developed or waiting to be developed.  

Lean into it and let it be.  Lean into the suck, lean into the joy, lean into the homeschool, homework, lean into the cool breezy sunny days, you got this.  Literally, you have the skills to deal with whatever trial is befalling you at this time.  No trials?  Good for you; rest and restore for what's next and be ready for action.

Be The Need

As men, Action is our middle name.  Have a problem? Man has a solution.  Need to build something?  Man will build for you.  Need to tear something up?  Man will tear it up.  House on fire?  Man will run in to help.  Damsel in distress?  Man will save you…  We are the hammer to the nail.  It’s how we are wired.  I don’t know about you but I love it!  It is awesome and amazing and overwhelming and a huge responsibility!  

Quite honestly when it comes to the bigger things, like providing and protecting it can be a lot to keep track of and have to think about.  So how do we do it?  How do we ingrain that habit in us so it's so steadfast and solid it will not waver?

Be The Need

Start small.  Commit to being the Need wherever you are.  

What do I mean?  At any given time around you something needs to be done.  A dish needs to be cleaned, a file needs to be filed, a kid needs a bedtime story, a wife needs an ear to listen, the dog needs to be let out, the shoes on the stairs need to be taken up and put away, the yard needs to be mowed, the groceries need to be put away…

Are you self-aware and self-less enough to see the Needs around you and fill them, regardless of whose ‘job’ it is?  And to do so with no fanfare just the steely resolve of someone doing their duty to those that they love and depend upon.

Be The Need

Humility is to make a right estimate of one's self. - Charles Spurgeon

“Be THE Need” is one of our family axioms.  It correctly sizes the way we think of ourselves and those around us.  It puts us in the frame of mind to serve and help others, simply.  It allows us to lead by doing, taking action and making a quick immediate change.  

Being the Need starts small, it has humble beginnings.  But over time the ability to be that Need grows and our time, talents, treasure and touch grows with it to fill the space allotted.  This is one aspect of a life well lived.  

This week's Action item:  BE THE NEED and teach those around you, especially the youngest amongst you.  

I guarantee this is one way of paying it forward with giant ripples.  Be that Need!!

Don’t Fear That Day!!!!

Jonathan Krnnedy Jr.