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Tuesday, November 17 2020
Endeavoring Endurance

Man.  Revel in that a moment, Man.  Do you feel the power it connotes?  The responsibility?  Lean in and live it, celebrate being a Man, we need Man now.

Just when you thought it was over…it rears its head again.  What does 2020 and a horror movie have in common?  Give up?  The bad guys just won't go away!!  

So how do you handle this?  How do you assist your loved ones?  You are the man, your job is to help them handle and cope with the tough parts of life.

Our society, unfortunately, is literally transforming right before our eyes.  Have you discussed this with your kids?  Have you explained to them the ‘good old days’ of February 2020?  Our memories are getting shorter and shorter and our time is increasingly swept up in the nothingness of social media, news cycles and bad decisions by poor leaders.  Please, I beg of you not to abdicate your God given authority and rights of your family.  Please stay the course, please don’t let outside influences change your plan for your family.  Now’s the time for lots of check-ins, check-ups, mental health and heart health discussions and breaks…do it now.  Trust me they need it and it will help you as well.

Endeavoring Endurance

A few years back I realized that while I would, Lord willing, have 18 years of my kids at home to encourage, coach, strengthen and prepare them for a lifetime it dawned on me how little time that really is, taking the long view.  18 years for a lifetime…better do my best!  better not screw up!!

This realization spawned in me a deep almost maniacal desire to leave behind as many keepsakes and mementos and pieces of meaning for them as possible, hello watch collection!  I’ve spent countless hours creating statements of belief and reviewing it with them.  Connecting with them over good books and the Bible and finding ways for them to have solid lasting memories of our time together.  Remember our kids will create ripples beyond our wildest imaginations.

One of the tools I’ve used for a while is writing them ‘love’ and encouragement letters.  They don't get them now…these are for their 18th birthday.  It's a compilation of thoughts and ideas in a notebook/journal format written as words of encouragement for them to have in the future.  Remember one day you’ll be gone and all they’ll have is a memory, better craft the one you want!

Endeavoring Endurance

A few years ago I arrived home from work and my parents were over.  My dad handed me an old file from his office.  It had memorabilia from my grandfather.  A magazine ad he was in, some awards he won and the prize: a speech he had given on how one should define success.  This was an amazing find.  As most of you know defining success and the things that make that up have always been near and dear to me and now one of my mentors, arguably one of the men I most admired had posthumously granted me wisdom I thought lost forever.  

Tears came to my eyes.  It was perfect.  A much needed shot in the arm.  Serendipitous and amazing.

Endeavoring Endurance

So how are you capturing for your heirs their importance to you?  How are you preparing to launch them into adulthood?  How could you have a lasting memoir to give them?

Enter Blake Brewer, my newest friend.  Blake has the most amazing story.  Please check it out here:

Blake has created the legacy letter course and challenge for men just like us!  Men who want to live out authentic manhood.  Men who want to show their kids all that the world has for them and leave them wanting and needing nothing because we covered them the way the Father covers us.  Blake is doing it…Blake is living it…Blake has a resource for the Endeavoring Man that is timeless, fruitful and effective.

Endeavoring Endurance

Your Mission this week, should you choose to accept it:  Sign up for Blakes class.  Write your Legacy Letter.  Join in combating this corrupting and cynical world and show your ripples, your heart and mind for them in this worthwhile endeavor.  

Men, plan ahead, pay attention, show love to those in your care and Don’t Fear that Day!

Jonathan Kennedy