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Tuesday, December 22 2020
The Next Best Decision

Merry Christmas!!

Pulse check!!  How ya doin?

Seriously, how are you?  

My prayer for you is that you are calm, cool, and collected and that things are moving in your favor.  

If not, find one of your brothers in life and open up and share and work together through this holiday season.  Your family needs your presence.  They need your leadership and wisdom in a clear-headed and coherent way.  

The Next Best Decision

You know there’s no such thing as the perfect time, for anything. There’s only now and putting one foot in front of the other to make the next best decision.  

Have you been so intentional that as your day progresses you think what’s the next best decision?  

As your day, week, month, quarter, year unfold all we can really control is what’s right in front of us.  And sometimes not as well as we would like.

The Next Best Decision

Many times it’s easier to determine what the Next Best Decision is NOT…like the last drink at the party, eating the whole tub of ice cream, not calling back a beloved friend or relative…etc. etc.

While it’s fine to operate in this paradigm its also important to focus on the flip side of that coin.  

Make the Next Best Decision for…that goal you wanted to achieve, to enhance the relationship you want to foster, to be present over the holidays with your family.

Sometimes that decision will make others happy, other times angry or sad.  Remember the decision is yours and towards where you are heading not someone else’s expectation for you.

The Next Best Decision

In fact, as we end a year and begin a new one I’d like to challenge you to think about the areas of your life:  Family, Work, Social, Physical, Spiritual.  Contemplate what it looks like to make the Next Best Decision in each area of life.  

Choose your life of significance.  Choose one item in each area of your life that is most important to you and focus on the decisions that get you to that point.  

Action Item:  Write them down, the important items AND the decisions to get there…now do them.  Start now, not tomorrow, now!  

A little piece at a time.  A little new action at a time and next thing you know the best decision became an achievement that makes the year.

You got this…

Plan ahead, pay attention, show love to those in your care and Don’t Fear that Day!

Jonathan Kennedy Jr