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Tuesday, July 28 2020
Freedom In Failure
Men!  Each Monday brings yet more and's unbelievable how much is being thrown at us right now.  It's almost unfathomable what the world is willing to do to distract us from Truth and our responsibilities.  There are things you need to be thinking of and understanding.
There is most certainly a battle ongoing of good vs evil, light and dark.  The battle has already been won and yet needs to play out.  We are in the middle of much of this right now.  You need to know that you are here for a reason in this time and place to serve a purpose beyond the one you may see currently.  You are the right man, for yourself, your wife, kids, business and community.  You need to trust in God, something beyond your own reason to combat this.  You need to put down the bottle and be sober and alive and present.  You need to NOT watch the porn or instagram or newscast and love and care for your family and community.  Now is the time to KNOW your family and get to KNOW them daily so you can meet each other's needs when the time arises.
You can do it, it will all work out...Be the Man, Endeavor with Purpose and don't look back!
Freedom in Failure
My youngest daughter is now 6 yrs old.  She's an absolute trip.  Nothing, I mean nothing slows her down.  You could say she's like the Tasmanian devil, that is super sweet and kind yet also a whirling dervish of sorts.  She also has a knack for coming up with super-witty one-liners despite some serious processing disorders and learning challenges.  The kid always has a smile on her face and very rarely gets down on herself, despite things not going her way often.
When all this craziness of life got on we were discussing how our family would handle this and the attitude we would choose to confront all these challenges.  She spoke up..."so dad, we're gonna be busy living life, not dying life!"  Bingo!!  She nailed it, not bad for a 5 yr old.  So, how are you living life?
Freedom in Failure
Many of you have heard of Sara Blakely by this point.  She started the company Spanx and turned it into a billion dollar a year revenue business.  Pretty impressive.  
She credits her dad and the question he used to ask her each week with her success:  'What have you failed at this week?'  Think about that, sitting at the dinner table and he asked her what she failed at...when she told him, he praised her!  If she didn't try he asked her to find something to fail at.  
It's absolutely brilliant.  We are all apprehensive about the future and most of us are apprehensive about not living up to our expectations into the future.  Yet here this man taught his daughter what it meant to fail and fail well so she would not have that fear or apprehension.  
Let me tell you, I've been using this for a year with my kids.  They 've done things I never thought possible for their age because they were given permission to fail and fail wildly with no repercussions.  
Action time:  Give yourself, your wife and kids permission to fail at something the need to be trying.
Freedom in Failure
If you haven't failed lately then are you really living a life worth living?  
I implore you to seek out failure.
I give you permission to do so in a grand way.  
We have a purpose greater than we are living into, how can you get there if you are not pushing yourself beyond the boundaries?  How can you make it to the next level without some opportunity to not pass the test?  Why choose easy when you already know the outcome?
So, how have you failed lately?  
Come on now, you're a man, choose something this week and go big or go home!  After all we're called to be "busy living life, not dying life!!"
Seek failure and the returns of successes and self-realization will abound and that inner leader, the real you will spring forth and a whole new world will blossom before you.
Action item:  
-  Ask your family to try to fail at something weekly
-  Lead them by trying things to fail at yourself weekly
-  Share your failings openly with yourself and others, humanity needs more authentic men
Don't Fear That Day!
Jonathan Kennedy, Jr.
Monday, July 20 2020
The Thing About Hard Things

Happy Monday to you All!!

Another awesome week to embrace the opportunities, trials, tribulations and beauty of life!  

Remember things are happening FOR YOU not to you, embrace the things that are tough and relish in the things that are easy while choosing tough things to tackle to strengthen your next endeavor.
One of my favorite quotes is:
"Hard choices, easy Life.  Easy choices, hard Life."  - Jerzy Gregorek
The Thing about Hard Things
Many times in life the events that seem to be the most trying are also the most rewarding.  I find this true in personal growth: both mental and physical, in building relationships with others, choosing who to spend your time with or who not to spend your time with, in growing my faith and dependence on God, in marriage and raising a family and in serving clients.  The truth-laden hard choice is the one that gets most rewarded.  How often are you pursuing hard choices?
The Thing about Hard Things
Most often we choose the easy way because well, it's easy.  What would happen to you if you flipped your script and decided to choose the hard thing each time you make it to a decision point?  What if instead of taking the path well worn you jumped on that path less traveled?  I already know how that looks.  At first you will be euphoric and excited that you made a decision for growth.  Then shortly afterward you'll hit a bump and you'll be miserable and rueing the day you made that choice.  
Now you're at another inflection point:  abandon ship and sulk away OR double-down and make it happen.  If you want to be a resilient endeavoring man, the man God created to impact and influence your family and those in your community it's time to double-down and keep choosing hard.  Finish the job and appreciate the tenacity it took to make it happen and the growth you experienced from not giving up or giving in to the easy way.
The Thing about Hard Things
There is a mental default that if we cannot do something that is Hard we have failed.  I'd argue that if you hadn't tried something Hard you would've failed.  The act of trying to accomplish the Hard Choice is where you win, it's when you make that conscious decision to do the Hard thing that the victory occurs.  What happens after is inconsequential.  It's in the handling of Hard that we are formed and transformed toward who we've been created to be.  
If all you're doing is skating by on the Easy choices of life what's the purpose?  Or perhaps you haven't identified your purpose and you are unwilling to choose things to push you down that path.  Resist the urge to join the cancel culture and sit at home!!  Jump into the pool of life with both feet!  Go ahead, you can do it, watch how your kids do it, they can be great reminders of the mental shackles we've allowed to bind us over time.
The Thing about Hard Things
Isaiah 30.21: "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it'."
Since the world fell into sin through Adam and Eve we've been given the chance to make Hard Choices or Easy Choices.  We know deep down the path for us, we know deep down if we've made the decisions that we've been called to.  Remember you are here for a reason to fulfill a purpose; make the choices that will sustain, grow and nurture your purpose, NOW!  Don't wait, tomorrow is not promised.
This weeks action items:
- Look in the mirror and assess the choices you've been making
- Write down 5 choices that need addressing
- Resolve to rectify those choices immediately
- Stop making Easy Choices
- Start making Hard Choices
- Do this weekly or monthly as you see fit until you've addressed all poor choices
Don't Fear That Day!
Jonathan Kennedy Jr.
Tuesday, July 14 2020
What Time Is It?


Well, I almost gave in today...


It is MONDAY!!!  It is even Monday the 13th alas, I'm not Garfield so I continue to exhort, extoll and try to muster some inspiration to you to Endeavor to greatness today because it is never too late to decide to be great.


Remember your chips are on the table and you're in the game, be grateful for the seat and play to win!


What Time is It?


This afternoon I knocked off early to go to the pool with my family.  Definitely an abnormality for me these days.  It was nice to be there at 4pm on a Monday.  And surprisingly void of participants.  I did notice quite a few dads there with their families and that made me smile.  I was there because at 7am tomorrow morning 2 of my 3 favorite kids will be having tonsil surgery.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm super anxious about them being under anesthesia and getting cut on.  It's only a 20 min surgery.  The recoverys a bear at 2 weeks.  I figured a few extra hours of fun were in the works and it was so worth it.  The best part was I didn't even tell them why, I just did it and they just accepted it because they are kids and we love each other and like to hang out.  It was awesome!


Action item:  find something your family is doing that you don't always get to participate up unexpectedly and participate...they'll love it!


What Time is it?


Of course the answer to the question is GAME TIME!!!, followed by some guttural sounds and whooping.  When I played football in high school we used to use this phrase to get pumped up prior to the game.  Shoot we used this phrase more at our tailgates and flag football games in college than ever in the history of sports.  It even made its way to our text chains amongst our friends in anticipation of the next event...the game, the show, the culmination of all the hard work, a time to perform.


Action item:  it's time to perform, what are the top 3 things you do to get ready for your performances?  (yes, meetings at work where you present are really performances)


What Time is it?


As a man, God has uniquely built our minds and bodies to perform.  In fact we relish performing; at work, play, in the gym, bedroom, etc.  It's how we're wired to have a little bravado to go along with our skills and abilities.  In fact when you're living in your Unique-ability and you are really crushing it no one can stop you.  You know that feeling when things are clicking on all cylinders, it's like being on top of the mountain surveying the valley below, suns out, wind in the hair, leaves rustling, that's the deal, that's when life has a certain sweetness..  How often are you able to get there?  What are you doing to get there more often and stay there?  Who do you need to add/subtract from the team to make that happen?  What is the smallest thing you can do now to make that happen consistently?


Action item:  Visualize your best performance; the courtroom, the boardroom, golf course, gym, wherever it was.  What were the factors that made it the best?  Write them down...DO THEM AGAIN, EVERYDAY!  No excuses.  The results will enhance every aspect of your life, personal, spiritual, work, family, physical, all of it.  Do it now, write it down, post where you can see it everyday.


So Men, What Time is it?  Time to be who the Creator made you to be.  Time to be the man, husband, father, worker, boss, parishioner, friend, brother you were made to be. No more excuses, no more waiting around.  Do it.  You can, it's why you are here now.  It's why you weren't here a generation ago and why you won't be here next generation.  You got this, you are just the man created for this time, with the people you are with, for the things you are doing.  Don't stop.  And if you want to quit, call me (804)8749531and let's discuss.


Don't Fear That Day,


Jonathan Kennedy Jr

Monday, July 06 2020
Focus On What You Can Control
Happy Independence Day!!!!  By the looks of Instagram and LinkedIn it looked like you all did a great job of making the most of your Independence Day holiday and celebrated our great country that we are all so fortunate to live in.  
How grateful we should be to live in the really only free society left on this planet. Guys our problems are not as great as those in other nations, don't forget this.  We have technologies and resources that most countries only dream of; don't forget this; don't forsake this; don't abdicate the God-given authority you've been granted to be here and make a difference for your wife, kids, family and others.  Stay on task, take care of those in your sphere and keep chopping; Focus on what you can Control, not the things you cannot.
You can do it!!  I know you can, you were made for this place, this time, to be with the people you are with and to do the things you are doing.  Don't give up!
Focus on What You Can Control
This past Sunday while we sat in church all 3 kids between us and on the front row!  I noticed some serious activity and squirming off to my right.  It, of course was time for prayer and my youngest, God Bless her, was just wiggling like she'd eaten a box of donuts, which she had not.  My first instinct was to lash out and grab her and hold her tight and shush her.  But I am an adult, and I am in control of how I react and while my kids are my responsibility she is her own person and will act in ways I don't agree with, so this was not the time to 'catch' her.  Trust me the old me would've loved to have scolded her then and there, proven my worth as a man to the people around us and put her in her place.  But where would that have gotten us?  A belittled child, who loves to fight back, in church on the front row with no other choice but to take our situation up to the next level.  No thanks, I am in control of my emotions and responses, I am a man.  My role is to model proper behavior, then correct as appropriate and hold the standard.  
Focus on What You Can Control
That was not the only child who decided to be disruptive on Sunday.  So I asked myself, 'how can I address this in a way that allows them to own this and teach a lesson?'  
The answer:  A new Sunday tradition called one-on-one with dad!! - ACTION ITEM
This was an amazing time.  I sat down with my 6 year old, asked her about her week, her birthday on Thursday, her new toys and joys she had in life.  I asked about church and if she learned anything.  I asked her if she felt that it went well.  She said to me, 'Daddy, I was really tired in church and I squirmed and my sister was talking to me and she made me squirm more and that's why I was moving so much, because she made me.'  Now was the moment of TRUTH.  This was absolute objective Truth that she would not fess up to.  Of course I did not let her off the hook, we discussed that she and only she is responsible for her actions whether its a reaction or not, does not matter and that she needs to Focus on What She Can Control, herself, her words, her emotions, and her actions!
Wow!  That teaching moment made my week.  I am so grateful that I was in the front of the church without the ability to lash out and forced to exercise Control over What I can Control.  I grew 100% and even better I got to do the same with my kids.  Amazing!
Focus on What You Can Control
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."  Jeremiah 29:11

“Know What You Can Control and What You Can’t. Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principal: Some things are within our control, and some things are not.”

-  Epictetus’s The Art of Living


This principle is timeless and proven and just and pure.  It is something that our culture wants to ignore.  But my oh my how much more can you get done when you stop trying to save the world and just save yourself...and then your family...and then your co-workers...and your community/neighbors.


Focus on What You Can Control


As a young man I watched too much news and I would stay awake all hours trying to figure out the problems of the people warring with each other.  You see I was misguided in thinking I could solve them.  As a pre-teen and teen I would grind my teeth over these stresses that weren't mine.  I would spend so much time focused on that I didn't even make my bed, do my laundry, homework, etc.  I was completely preoccupied with others' problems and solving them.  


"And He said to them, "Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?" Then He rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was great calm." Matthew 8:26


What I needed was a reminder that I need to take care of what I can control now and when the time is right I'll be given the appropriate authority for responsibility for things that I can control.  It's like this in all areas of our lives.  Perhaps that's why I love solving problems for the families and businesses we work with each day here at Endeavor, where now I'm prepared and ready to address them, under control.


Focus on What You Can Control Actions of the week:


-  Create your One-on-One with Dad weekly, 30 mins a week to do all the things an Endeavoring Man can Control with his kid.

-  Control what you read, listen too and consume.

-  Control what you eat, drink or imbibe with.

-  Choose to be in Control at all times, regardless of what flares up inside you and what injustice has been done to you.

-  Choose to own your day from the moment you roll out of bed.

-  Create a list of all the things you can control and how doing so makes your key relationships better.


Building forward:


Attributes of an Endeavoring Man:

1.  Decide you are FOR something and not against it...I am FOR...this will set your sights on positive values and emotions.

2.  Make sure you have quiet time for you with God and to meditate, you need this for peace of mind.

3.  Pulse check with your family at least once a week.  You cannot lead your troops if you dont know where their hearts and minds are!

4.  The only disability is a POOR attitude!

5.  If you don't use it, you'll lose it!!...MOVE and pick up something HEAVY Daily!

6.  Play to your strengths, that's why God's given them to you!

7.  Go big, make a splash and create RIPPLES that survive more generations than your own.

8.  Run Your Race and only Your Race

9.  Daily Practice equals Preparedness

10. You are the hero of your story not anyone else

11.  Focus on what you can control and let the rest go



**Definition of Endeavor:  to strive, toil, work towards something; Endeavoring the Act of striving, toiling, working towards something of value to you and those you love; 


Endeavoring Men: are those that are striving and toiling to be the best they can be, to maximize opportunities, to grow in brotherhood with one another, to be held accountable to a higher standard of life, that leaves a legacy, first and foremost at home and then our community and understands this life is not about us...not about us…Glorifying the Creator.