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Monday, May 18 2020
Attributes of an Endeavoring Man
Men!!!  Good morning!
How are you??  Well, I hope.  
Its looking like there's somewhat of a reprise upcoming.  This is good, this is powerful.  Its almost summer time.  Are you ready?  Do you have what it takes to move forward?
The last 9 weeks have been GROUND HOGS DAY!!  I get it, the struggle is real, the loss of jobs, income, schooling, no gym, no corporate worship, lack of fellowship and longing to be with those you love and care for beyond your family and on and house has been a flurry of emotions ever shifting and changing; part of this is God blessed us with lots of estrogen, the other is this has been a severe turn to the expectations we had for life.  
Yet those emotions DO NOT get to dictate something so much more powerful...MY ATTITUDE!  Why is this?  Because emotions come and go but our ATTITUDE prevails and shapes and grows us.  Our ATTITUDE allows us to be the men our wives, kids, co-workers, friends need in times like this.  So how's your attitude?
The only disability is a POOR attitude!!  With the right attitude anything is possible regardless of situation.  This is true.  Its been so for me for many years.  
You, me, us, we have a choice each day we wake up...take on the day with woe is me OR take on the day with this is my day and I'm going to win!  This further boils over into each and every endeavor of our day.  
Think about it, the meeting you have on zoom with your co-worker or client you dread having, DECIDE it will be the best call of your day, and it will be better than expected.  DECIDE to finish work and leave it behind.  DECIDE to be present for your family.  DECIDE that you will not be living a life for others but for what God designed you to do.  DECIDE that your ATTITUDE will be the best in the room, at all times, regardless of those around you because by doing so you will lift those people with you.
Yep, thats the power of choosing the proper attitude.  And it can be yours for FREE, right now!  Take it, choose it, its yours.
There was a study done by Harvard in the mid-90's around the #1 determinant of success; it came back that 93% of success was predicated on a positive attitude.  Now I could argue how do we define success, etc etc (coming in a few weeks) but assuming success is gaining the outcomes of your deepest dreams and desires and that they are not to harm others; you cannot achieve them unless you've DECIDED that you will have the correct ATTITUDE.
I ask you again, how's your attitude?  Are you frustrated? cynical? disillusioned? content? positive? excited?
No matter where your ATTITUDE is remember you get to choose it.  Do not abdicate that authority to someone or something else.  Its part of being made in the image of the Creator, your choices are yours and yours alone; choose wisely and soundly and choose to make today your day each and every day!!
Have an amazing and blessed day!
Jonathan Kennedy
Attributes of an Endeavoring Man:
1.  Decide you are FOR something and not against it...I am FOR...this will set your sights on positive values and emotions.
2.  Make sure you have quiet time for you with God or to meditate, you need this for peace of mind.
3.  Pulse check with your family: at least once a week check in with your troops so you can lead them and meet them where their hearts and minds are!
4.  The only disability is a POOR attitude!
5.  If you dont use it, you'll lose it!!...MOVE and pick up something HEAVY Daily!
6.  Play to your strengths, thats why you have them!