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Monday, June 08 2020
Whose Race Are You Running?
Fellow Brothers and Men!!
Greetings and Peace from the balmy city of Richmond, Va.  Not only is it literally hot it is literally hot in all areas of town.  It makes me wonder whose in charge and what they are doing, alas I shall not understand.  It is utterly incomprehensible how quickly we've allowed ourselves to be influenced by outside sources full of subjectiveness.
My favorite feedback so far on these Monday notes, "I'm not so sure about the intermixing of fonts and font sizes but other than that the consistency and message is great."  Yes William, I will do my best to keep consistent across the board.  You must remember in my head this is as if I was talking to you and we all know that I am not the most low-key of one-on-one discussers of passionate topics.  But I digress.
On to today's topic:  Whose Race Are You Running?
Whose Race are You Running?  Do you know?  How did you get to where you are?  Happenstance?  Deliberateness?  A series of serendipitous moments that aligned and placed you here.  Ones you chose?  One chosen for you?  Were you guilted into it?
DO NOT DOUBT FOR ONE MOMENT YOU ARE SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.  You are a man.  You are a man made for such times as these.  You are a man made to shepherd your wife and kids for such times as these.  You are a man made to shepherd your business and employees for such times as these.  You are here now for a very distinct purpose; no apologies needed.  Do you know the race you are supposed to be running in these times?
Now I know most of you on this list and from my vantage point I could speak into you with opinions on that for you but it's not about what I think, or your dad thinks, or your mom or wife, or whomever else you want to please or be nice too.  We are not here to be nice to each other.  We really aren't here to be like.
So, Whose Race Are You Running?
We are all being pushed by outside forces to pick sides and draw straws to run towards a goal we may or may not understand.  Depending on our choice of occupation we are being told how we should dress, act, look, speak and do life a certain way.  Heck, in Richmond depending on where you live in town, what school your kids go to, you're supposed to be a certain kind of person.  What the hell does that mean?  People are people and men are supposed to be and act like men, you are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of the Great Creator.  
So, Whose Race Are You Running?
For many many years I was running the race of what I thought I was supposed to do.  I craved being liked and praised.  Pushed and prodded by well-meaning family and mentors and spouse I fell into a life of false piety.  I considered the consequences of living outside the norm and it wasn't appealing.  I was miserable!!  Then one day I woke up and said to myself, who/what am I living for?  What am I here to accomplish?  And it dawned on me.  The only Race I can Run with any authority and authenticity is the one before me.  The one I've uniquely given and prepared for, the race of my life for those right in front of me.  Be with the people that God put in my life on purpose to Glorify Him and lift them up to do the same.  That's my race.  What's yours?
Have you stopped trying to be liked?  Have you decided yet that you and only you can do the things you were created to do?  Have you figured out your one most important thing (next week)?  Do you truly understand the responsibility of being a Man in today's culture? (that's a scary one).
WAKE UP!!  No one is waiting to coronate and ordain you great at anything.  No one cares about what you are doing and how you are doing other than those closest to you.  No one is putting you on a pedestal anytime soon (maybe your kids until they really learn what's deep down in your heart that you want no one else to know about).  So, are you ready to run your own race?  Are you ready to be you and only you today, tomorrow and forever?
Now's the time!  Look around literally have nothing to lose.  The world, our city, they are in turmoil, they need you focused on your race, your wife, kids, business, needs you focused on your race.  You need to focus on your race...not mine...not your neighbors...not the Jones' as nice as they are...your race!
How to Run Your Race:
-  Read below and adopt some guiding Attributes of an Endeavoring Man
-  Get involved with a band of brothers that can speak Truth into you (we have openings for groups starting next month)
-  Get with one of our coaching team to help you identify your purpose
-  Ask those closest to you the things you are uniquely qualified for, think about them and choose the one that suits you
-  Be present where you, who you're with, when you're there 
-  Don't stop chopping and chipping away at objective Truths
-  Start the thing you've always said you would and you haven't
-  Teach your family things that are important for them to know
-  Share stories that shaped you with your kids
-  Strive to be known by those you love and that love you
YOU!  MAN!  RUN YOUR RACE!  Not your brothers, neighbors or friends, yours.  When the race is over you'll be glad you did.
Happy Monday may you have an amazing week, month, quarter and year!
Don't Fear That Day,
Jonathan Kennedy

Building forward:


Attributes of an Endeavoring Man:

1.  Decide you are FOR something and not against it...I am FOR...this will set your sights on positive values and emotions.

2.  Make sure you have quiet time for you with God or to meditate, you need this for peace of mind.

3.  Pulse check with your family at least once a week.  You cannot lead your troops if you dont know where their hearts and minds are!

4.  The only disability is a POOR attitude!

5.  If you dont use it, you'll lose it!!...MOVE and pick up something HEAVY Daily!

6.  Play to your strengths, thats why God's given them to you!

7.   Go big, make a splash and create RIPPLES that survive more generations than your own.

8.   Lives a Life of Significance:  Generosity, Service, Relationships, Love.

9.  He Runs His Race, only His Race


**Definition of Endeavor:  to strive, toil, work towards something; Endeavoring the Act of striving, toiling, working towards something of value to you and those you love; 


Endeavoring Men: are those that are striving and toiling to be the best they can be, to maximize opportunities, to grow in brotherhood with one another, to be held accountable to a higher standard of life, that leaves a legacy, first and foremost at home and then our community and understands this life is not about us...not about us…but in Glorifying the Creator.




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