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Tuesday, December 01 2020
Celebrate Family


I’m tired, it's late.  Last week was amazing, a whole week off.  Celebrated my dad's 70th in the mountains to start the week.  Turkey and venison for Thanksgiving in addition to lots of love and family time.  Contentment is high and life is good.  Even though there are always dark clouds on the horizon, find time for contentment and love.  So let's keep this simple…

Answer these:

  1. What are you afraid of losing?
  2. What are you trying to hide?
  3. What is keeping you from action?

Action Item:

Answer the questions honestly and earnestly and discuss with someone that cares about you.  We need brothers right now, more than ever...find your brothers, schedule time to be with them.  Discuss important things.  

Men, plan ahead, pay attention, show love to those in your care, operate with gravitas and Don’t Fear that Day!

Jonathan Kennedy