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Tuesday, October 20 2020
The Big Picture


I hope you are well, having a great week and life is working for you.

One of these days I will be able to get this done earlier in the know that day when my kids are grown, my business doesn't need me so much, my wife and I stop liking to hang out, clients are completely satisfied, and all of life's other things are done...yeah that'll be the day.

We all know there's no time like now.  

The Big Picture

I'm keeping this week's Manlyvation short and sweet.

When you interact with others do you consider what they are dealing with?  


Are you so focused on you that it doesn't register?

The Big Picture

Do you hear your spouse or partner when they speak to you?


Do you only want them to do what you want them to do?

The Big Picture

We know the thoughts in our head.  No one else knows them but us.  Praise the Lord because a lot of thoughts should never get out.  However, have you stopped to think what might be happening to the other people around you, or what they are dealing with or what they are going through?

We only know our side of a story.  And it's always right, isn't it?

I found this image last week.

It really sums up the quandary we all live in...we all have our struggles we just never get to see what others are going through.

The woman wonders why the man won’t pull her up and the man is wondering why the woman isn’t climbing up…meanwhile both are in perilous situations.

Action plan:

  1. Find someone you're willing to be vulnerable with and share your struggles…
  2. Next time you're interrupted by a spouse/partner, kid, co-worker or employee; smile and ask what you can do for them…
  3. Send a card/email/text of thanks to someone who understood you and assisted you...
  4. Ask others their struggles, and really listen...

Men, we lead by being what the world needs.  Right now we need Men to provide a huge dose of humility and love of the need, be the solution.

Don’t Fear That Day!

Jonathan Kennedy Jr.