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Tuesday, October 13 2020
Fresh and Clean


Yay Mondays!  I used to dread Mondays.  Not just dread them but abhor Mondays.  When we’d watch the 4pm Redskins game I’d get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and realize I hadn’t done my homework, there was school tomorrow and practice after school and on and on and on…Man!  I really didn’t look forward to Monday.

That was over half a life ago and while I’d love the weekend and my Sunday Sabbath to continue all week, Monday is pretty awesome.  Why?  Because it's the first chance to do something to Glorify God this week and impact others.  It may be helping a coworker, solving a problem, reading to my kids, a meaningful conversation with my wife, creating a new friendship…Monday is the beginning of something wonderful and we get to start fresh and clean each week.

Think about that Fresh and Clean start each week; almost like a do-over, or really great smelling laundry, Fresh and Clean.  Ha!  That's pretty good, instead of Monday let's call it Fresh Clean Go Get Em Day!

Fresh and Clean

After today there are 11 Monday’s left in 2020. How you use them matters. Win Today. Win the Week. Win the Year! - Jon Gordon

Wow!  That's an eye-opener.  After the year we’ve had it would be easy to pack it in.  Only 11 Mondays in 2020 sounds great to some of us.  Get me to 2021 you say.  No!  Stop, if you bide away your time til next year you’ll miss some of the best moments of your life. 

Resolve here and now that you’re not in the habit of wasting days given to you.  Treat today and every day as the first day of the rest of your life.  What better day than a Monday to remind ourselves of that?

Fresh and Clean

Lets put this into perspective a bit…what is your goal today?  What is your goal each day?

If you go to0 big you’ll miss out.  Here is a key to life, write this down, copy it, paste it, share it with your wife, kids, co-workers and employees.

The measure of life is not to be better than anyone else.  The measure of life is to be a better you each and every day.  1% growth a day equals 365% growth this year.  That would be an amazing version of you!

Fresh and Clean

To assist you in the sprint to 2021 here are 5 items to better focus you daily:

  1. Stay in the Present (Dont Dwell on the Past)
  2. Embrace Time Alone
  3. Lean into Change
  4. Celebrate the success of those around you, especially family members
  5. Focus on what you can Control

This week's action item is to put into practice one of these 5 items this week and every week until 2021.  

Who knows you may just wind up a better you and this world certainly needs that right now!

Don’t Fear That Day!

Jonathan Kennedy Jr.