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Tuesday, September 01 2020
May Your Dash Be With You!

Hello Man! Yes you man, hello! Welcome to Monday as the dog days of summer come to an end, its time to move on to the next phase of year, school.  This may be the most challenging yet.

I've been deeply encouraged by the measures taken by one and all to endeavor into education and normalcy.  I'm encouraged by the men leading to find alternatives and executing game plans for their clan.  I'm encouraged by the spirit of ingenuity to get it done and do the right thing.  This shows me you are for your family, for your kids, for your business, for moving on in the right direction away from mayhem and uncertainty and into truth and light.  Keep chopping, keep moving, don't stop.

May Your Dash Be With You!
There's a great children's book called, What do you do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada.  
In the book a youngster births an idea and it's in the form of a golden egg.  The golden egg grows and grows and won't leave the child alone.  Eventually the child starts caring for, nurturing and loving the egg to the point it sprouts the idea and changes the boy and the world around him.  The imagery is amazing.
To me our whole life is like that golden egg.  A golden moment encapsulated in a person that has the potential to change and grow and affect the world around him...
May Your Dash Be With You!
One way to quantify this potential is with your Dash.  Your Dash is the time between when you're born and you die.  The Dash (hyphen) that is used to show the extent of your life here on Earth.  
How do we measure our Dash?  
How does your Dash measure up to others?
Who determines the value of your Dash?
What constitutes a Dash well-lived?
May Your Dash Be With You!
I spend a great deal of time planning aspects of people's Dashes.  I see the ups and downs and sideways events that affect how one's Dash plays out.  It's never in a straight line.  It's more like a stair step or climbing up the side of a mountain.  No smooth edges here, even though on paper it appears so.
Our Dash is something to be nurtured and loved and appreciated and grown.  Our Dash is to be lived into with boldness and confidence.  
It's the part of us that is uniquely us, its make up is ours and ours alone.  How should we pursue our Dash?  
I know how.
May Your Dash Be With You!
In the last 2 months I've been an observer to 3 men finishing their Dash.  (None related to the virus.)
This weekend I had the privilege of attending the celebration of one man's Dash.  And what a celebration it was.  The thing about this man, and his family, that was so unique and celebrated was how he spent his Dash.  While he was young, he was bold.  While his time was limited, he was not limited in his time.  
You see this man spent his Dash focused on an inheritance that would not fade.  He spent his time on life well lived in the service of others.  He spent his time on the only thing that orders our Dash in such a way that all other aspects of our Dash work in harmony with the world around us.
May Your Dash Be With You!
You see a Dash well-lived, well-loved and well-focused is the Dash focused on the Eternal; the life we live forever, that is only found in one place, Jesus Christ, as the only son of God, who became human to atone for our sins so as to make right our relationship with God for our eternal salvation!
How about that?  Eternal salvation promised through a God-Man named Jesus Christ.
This weeks action item:  CHOOSE TO LIVE AN ETERNAL DASH
Isn't this worth your time to figure out?  I think so, all of your eternity rests on this.
Answer these, is this all there is?  where will you rest when your Dash is complete?  How about those you care about the most?  
According to C.S. Lewis..."if false, this of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”
Don't Fear That Day!
Jonathan Kennedy Jr.
ps...inspired by Matt, thank you!