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Tuesday, August 25 2020
Snap Out of IT
Man!  How are you?  Seriously, how are you?  Are you tired yet?  C'mon it's okay to be tired.  It's the endless summer, just at home, with the same people.  There's no doubt you are where you are supposed to be, however when's the last time you truthfully answered these questions?
I wouldn't be surprised to see Bill Murray and Puxatawney Phil driving by at any moment.
'It feels like Deja Vu, All Over Again'...Yogi Berra.  One of the greats.  We need more men like him.  More throwbacks.  Classics.  There's a reason the classics are so revered...they've stood the test of time.  Will you?
SNAP Out of IT
We've forgotten what manhood, manliness is, it's been stripped from us.  Slowly and surely fading away.  WAKE UP!  Don't let you or your boys succumb to it.  We can't lose that generation as well.
When life is like ground hogs day it's pretty hard to remember to Carpe Diem!
That's the point right, it's a long deep slog through the muck that wears us down.  It's the tedious day after day monotony that eats at our desires for adventure and glory and the joy that brings.  That's what stifles us and eventually destroys those desires.  
It doesn't have to be so.  It shouldn't be so.  
SNAP Out of IT
How does one become a classic?  
How does one stand the test of time?  
We must roll around in the muck.  We must come to treasure being in the muck.  We must relish the muck.  It can sharpen us, hone us...we need conflict to create change and only through that turmoil of change can we become great.  
It's times like these that men like us were made to shine.  It's times like these that allow the crucible of change to harden us into the men of purpose God desires us to be.  The diamonds in the rough covered in muck awaiting an opportunity to be a classic; waiting for that chance to stand the test of time and create a legacy that matters.
SNAP Out of IT
'Mondays are a great day to focus on what we GET TO do instead of what we HAVE TO do. Life is a gift, not an obligation.'  - Jon Gordon
Immerse yourself in classics, immerse yourself in things that have stood the test of time, immerse yourself in objective truths free from the humanistic secular subjectivism surrounding us.  Immerse yourself in what you GET TO DO.
This week's action, Pick one of each:  person, place, book, idea and thing that has been unwavering over time and invest in that.  
Invest in you, invest in becoming a classic, invest in standing the test of time.  Not for yourself, do it for your Creator, for your wife, your kids, your church, your community, your friends and your business.  Do it because it's worthwhile and noble.
Roll in the muck, become the diamond in the rough, be a classic, stand the test of's part of your purpose, you're here and now; don't delay the slog starts a life as a classic that stands the test of time is a worthy undertaking and won't soon be forgotten.
Don't Fear That Day!
Jonathan Kennedy, Jr.