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Tuesday, July 14 2020
What Time Is It?


Well, I almost gave in today...


It is MONDAY!!!  It is even Monday the 13th alas, I'm not Garfield so I continue to exhort, extoll and try to muster some inspiration to you to Endeavor to greatness today because it is never too late to decide to be great.


Remember your chips are on the table and you're in the game, be grateful for the seat and play to win!


What Time is It?


This afternoon I knocked off early to go to the pool with my family.  Definitely an abnormality for me these days.  It was nice to be there at 4pm on a Monday.  And surprisingly void of participants.  I did notice quite a few dads there with their families and that made me smile.  I was there because at 7am tomorrow morning 2 of my 3 favorite kids will be having tonsil surgery.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm super anxious about them being under anesthesia and getting cut on.  It's only a 20 min surgery.  The recoverys a bear at 2 weeks.  I figured a few extra hours of fun were in the works and it was so worth it.  The best part was I didn't even tell them why, I just did it and they just accepted it because they are kids and we love each other and like to hang out.  It was awesome!


Action item:  find something your family is doing that you don't always get to participate up unexpectedly and participate...they'll love it!


What Time is it?


Of course the answer to the question is GAME TIME!!!, followed by some guttural sounds and whooping.  When I played football in high school we used to use this phrase to get pumped up prior to the game.  Shoot we used this phrase more at our tailgates and flag football games in college than ever in the history of sports.  It even made its way to our text chains amongst our friends in anticipation of the next event...the game, the show, the culmination of all the hard work, a time to perform.


Action item:  it's time to perform, what are the top 3 things you do to get ready for your performances?  (yes, meetings at work where you present are really performances)


What Time is it?


As a man, God has uniquely built our minds and bodies to perform.  In fact we relish performing; at work, play, in the gym, bedroom, etc.  It's how we're wired to have a little bravado to go along with our skills and abilities.  In fact when you're living in your Unique-ability and you are really crushing it no one can stop you.  You know that feeling when things are clicking on all cylinders, it's like being on top of the mountain surveying the valley below, suns out, wind in the hair, leaves rustling, that's the deal, that's when life has a certain sweetness..  How often are you able to get there?  What are you doing to get there more often and stay there?  Who do you need to add/subtract from the team to make that happen?  What is the smallest thing you can do now to make that happen consistently?


Action item:  Visualize your best performance; the courtroom, the boardroom, golf course, gym, wherever it was.  What were the factors that made it the best?  Write them down...DO THEM AGAIN, EVERYDAY!  No excuses.  The results will enhance every aspect of your life, personal, spiritual, work, family, physical, all of it.  Do it now, write it down, post where you can see it everyday.


So Men, What Time is it?  Time to be who the Creator made you to be.  Time to be the man, husband, father, worker, boss, parishioner, friend, brother you were made to be. No more excuses, no more waiting around.  Do it.  You can, it's why you are here now.  It's why you weren't here a generation ago and why you won't be here next generation.  You got this, you are just the man created for this time, with the people you are with, for the things you are doing.  Don't stop.  And if you want to quit, call me (804)8749531and let's discuss.


Don't Fear That Day,


Jonathan Kennedy Jr

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