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Tuesday, June 30 2020
You Are The Hero

Man!  How are you?  What's new?  

What is your next move:  at work?  at home?  in life?  What goals are you working towards that are pushing you right now?  I'm interested to know and would love to be a sounding board for you as you undertake that.
It's easy to get lost in the sea of muck around us and forget our way.  It's easy to succumb to the pressures and pleasures of the world and forget who you are and your purpose.  I'm here to tell you don't do it!  Don't settle!!  Don't throw your hands up and be done with it, your wife, your kids, your work, your life...don't give up.  Keep moving forward even if it's one inch of an opportunity.  
Action item:  Delete Instagram from your phone.  I DID a few days ago...its AMAZING!
I started these Monday pieces as a way to get you motivated to take action and make positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you.  As I've continued on this journey it's come to my mind that if I only try to motivate you 99% of Mondays this email will fall on deaf ears.  Motivation only occurs when we are in the 'right' frame of mind.  And let's get real motivation is fleeting at best...the real magic is in the little actions you make that create a bigger impact in your life and those around you.  Adopting micro-actions or habits that spur you to the better things.  The word habits is over-used and over-played but actions, little don't think about them actions, can be a catalyst for positive interactions and fulfilling a purpose.  
Ideally if you could be a 1% better you each day, at the end of the year you'd be 365% better...not 100% but rather 365%...I don't know about you but that seems achievable and doable.  I am almost certain I can find something in my life to be 1% better at each day.  It starts with being the man God created me to be daily, loving my wife without condition, and then realizing my kids owe me nothing and that they are my responsibility until they are not and only we can educate and get them to that point, treating my employees will truth and kindness, and showing grace and mercy to all those I get to be in contact with.  Piece of cake thisi s why I am here!
So with that as our backdrop I ask you the following question, who's the hero of your story?  YOU of course.  Do you believe that?  Have you lived that way?  Think about all the wonderful movies and books about heros and their stories.  The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Rocky, Ricky Bobby, Superman, Batman, all Heros, all needed redemption all broken and rise up.
Have you thought about your story?  Have you considered what makes up who you are?  How you were parented, your siblings, your friends, the school you went to, where you placed your belief systems, or currently place them.  How did all this shape you?  How much of it is bogus and how much of it is really you?
Have you let things you had no control over shape you farther than they should?  
As men we typically do not want to take the time to understand our story, I certainly do not.  But as I age and tell more of the story and live more of the story I can debunk the stuff that shouldn't matter, I can embrace the stuff that should shape me and I can let go of the things out of my control.  Thus rightfully placing me in the spot of my story where I was intended, here and now, present.  You cannot be anyone else's hero but your own.  You should not strive to be anyone else's hero but your own.  Your kids will invariably look to you as such, don't let them, they will be looking to a broken man, who needs redemption and grace and one who is unworthy of being that for them.  Trust me, I want nothing more than to be the hero for my wife and little girls.  It's not my job.  My job is husband, dad, confidant, protector, provider, model of virtues and vision and fruits of the spirit but not hero.   
The minute someone else becomes our hero we've abdicated our God-given authortity of our story to someone else...Charles Barkley had it right.  He said I am not a role model.  What he really was saying is I am not your son's or daughter's hero.  That is their job and something they need to live into and be.  You get to equip your kid to be their own hero.  Ripples for days!!
This all leads to:  Mindset.  Mindset matters.  Mindset matters more than anything else.  Once you've chosen to have the proper mindset the rest will start to fall into place. 
The correct mindset is the one that aligns you to live into your God-given purpose in the here and now, with who you are with, utilizing your full abilities.  
For instance, my friend Matt is working harder than ever to fulfill his purpose and make it happen.  Grinding day after day to fulfill all his roles so that his Endeavor is fulfilled to the best of his ability.  The rewards he's received the last year know no bounds!
When things are too much of a struggle and you keep getting shot down and pushed aside, you need to pivot and align properly.  Take your quiet time and get some answers.  My friend jeff is dealing with that and he's pivoting, starting a new business, making new relationships and making it happen.  
Here are two men deciding to focus on their MINDSET, alter their course to ALIGN themselves with their abilities and talents and make it happen.
What are you allowing your mind to do other than fulfill being the hero of your story?  Are you allowing past failures to lead to future ones?  Are you not living into your purpose?
Want to take it to the next level?  How do you do that?
Here are this weeks Action Items:
-  Think about, Meditate, Ruminate on your story
-  Get a journal and begin writing down your story
-  Identify the themes, values, principles that make up your story
-  Choose which ones to continue
-  Choose which ones to leave behind
-  Choose which ones you want to add 
-  Decide how you want your Hero Story to End
-  Set priorities to get to your End Story
-  On a NoteCard write down 8 Lifetime Goals, keep it in your pocket or on your mirror...
-  Share all this with your wife, she’ll help you achieve these items
Keep on Endeavoring, Keep on Adventuring...
Don't Fear That Day!
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