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Monday, June 15 2020
Two is One, and One is None
WHOA!!!  This roller coaster of time would be the most fierce coaster ever in the history of theme parks, if the FDA, CDC, WHO and any other acronym you can name would ever approve of it.  
This life is not for the faint of heart!  But that's okay, you are NOT faint of heart!  You are a man, made for times just like this.  Made to rise to the occasion and conquer any obstacle in your way.  It may be slow going at first but you can do it, slow down, get your quiet time in, plan, prepare, practice and take bold unabashed action.
This time, this place, you were made for this!  You can do it, keep chopping, keep chipping away!  A little each day of the attributes below and you'll get your mind and heart aligned to conquer the task at hand. 
Two is One, and One is None
My brothers who have been in the service of our country will recognize this heading as one of preparedness and having proper planning.  It comes from the Navy Seals and quite simply means you better have backups and backups to backups because you don't know what will happen tomorrow BUT you can be prepared for changes if you slow down and look around and think and plan ahead.
After 20 years of planning, re-planning and planning some more with business owners and families, then executing financial and life plans for people of all ages this adage speaks truer now than ever before.  There's something about speaking with the widow, the retiree, the business owner who had to lay off employees to know that the best laid plans are just that.  We always need a backup.
What they do though is give us some framework to pivot and shift when it's time to do so.  
Two is One, and One is None
My oldest child has wanted to baby-sit other kids since she was 4 years old.  She wrote a business model for a 'mothers-helper' business 2 summers ago.  She has been planning for years to take this task on and be a success in it.  
Last week she got her chance!  Our neighbor who has 4 kids, 4 and under (I'm pretty sure it's crazier there then the covid/riot streets of downtown Richmond) had her over to be her 'mothers-helper' for the morning.  Needless to say she was over the moon.
But here's the kicker, she didn't just go over and help out.  
She created 5 activities to keep in her backpack to entertain the kids with.  And not only did she put those activities in her bag she PRACTICED making them before she went to verify they would work for the kids...she PRACTICED making the crafts prior to her visit to ensure their success.  
When's the last time you did something like that?  How many times do you practice prior to your meetings or events?  Time with your wife?  Activities that require skill, prior to doing them?
Two is One and One is None
Keep in mind here, I'm talking about practical, tactical planning.  The kind of planning that says hey I'm going camping so maybe I need a lighter and some matches and for good measure some fat wood and a fire log just in case.  
The good news is this is just the exact type of planning that God created men for, we love to be prepared for things.  Even when sometimes we don't know or think we need to be.  In fact each time we aren't prepared builds on itself for the next time and the next time.  Pretty soon we've packed as much as our wife for the next vacation all in the name of Two is One, and One is None...
Who carries a handkerchief?  A knife?  chapstick?  What's in your EDC?  
How many redundancies have you built into your life and business to make sure you run smoothly?  We have clouds and hard drives and flash drives and...
One of my favorite screwups was in my second year in business.  I was working with a CFO of a larger engineering firm on some executive level benefit packages.  Not only did we not click, he was an effusive planner and preparer.  At that time, I was not.  Needless to say while the job got done, I learned an important lesson.  He dropped a choice phrase on me I'll never forget: Poor Planning Produces Poor Results (with some other choice P-words in there).  My, what a great lesson and timing to learn it.  I'll tell you what I'll never forget and it's not only shaped my business but also my personal life.
Two is One, and One is None   
So in this day and age of uncertainty and turmoil (this is always the case without God around and we are left to our own devices) what are some actions you can take to be prepared?  What things have you been neglecting doing that needs to be done, today?  Tomorrow?
What is your backup plan in the event the following happens:
-  School does not start on time?
-  School is online only? Or cancelled?
-  Riots continue for months and months?
-  We have a pandemic?  Seriously you don't think there will be one of these every 5 or so years moving forward.
-  You get a new job opportunity?
-  You find out you're having another baby?
-  Your church won't start meeting again?
Men!  It is your job to be prepared.  It is your job to shepherd and steward your family, your resources, it is your job to provide Leadership For Your Journey.  If you need help get it.  If you need a band of brothers create one.  If you need a friend, get two.  Just make it happen.
Lets vow to be prepared and planned.  
Actions for this week:
-  Take your wife out to dinner and talk with your wife about the back up plan for your family (jobs/living/school/etc); she'll be thrilled she's not alone in thinking about these things.
-  Find the church that is meeting and go.
-  Plan your schedule out 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time.  Pivot as needed but know that you have some normalcy and don't have to be at the whim of everything that happens this minute.
-  Read the book or books you've been putting off because you're consumed with social media and the news.  Don't worry the crazy naked guy in CHAZ will still be there when you come back.
-  Participate in life-giving and life-affirming activities that build toward the changed future you desire.  Now that's planning!
Two is One, and One is None
Happy Monday to you and yours.  Stay safe out there.  If you need anything, I am serious, If you need anything call me.  If I can help I will, If not I can find someone to support you asap.  You are not alone, you are made for this, it will all work out for the best.  The battle is won!
Don't Fear That Day!
Jonathan Kennedy Jr.

Building forward:


Attributes of an Endeavoring Man:

1.  Decide you are FOR something and not against it...I am FOR...this will set your sights on positive values and emotions.

2.  Make sure you have quiet time for you with God or to meditate, you need this for peace of mind.

3.  Pulse check with your family at least once a week.  You cannot lead your troops if you dont know where their hearts and minds are!

4.  The only disability is a POOR attitude!

5.  If you dont use it, you'll lose it!!...MOVE and pick up something HEAVY Daily!

6.  Play to your strengths, thats why God's given them to you!

7.   Go big, make a splash and create RIPPLES that survive more generations than your own.

8.  Run Your Race and only Your Race

9.  Plan to be Prepared:  Two is One, and One is None


**Definition of Endeavor:  to strive, toil, work towards something; Endeavoring the Act of striving, toiling, working towards something of value to you and those you love; 


Endeavoring Men: are those that are striving and toiling to be the best they can be, to maximize opportunities, to grow in brotherhood with one another, to be held accountable to a higher standard of life, that leaves a legacy, first and foremost at home and then our community and understands this life is not about us...not about us…Glorifying the Creator.



Jonathan E. Kennedy Jr.
Endeavor Capital, LLC
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