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Tuesday, June 02 2020
As Yogi Berra Said

Happy Monday to you and yours.  I pray that you are safe and sound.  I pray that each of you is having constructive conversations with your wife, children and fellow brothers about the situation we are presently find ourselves.  


I knew at some point we would have riots in the streets, I thought it would be about a lack of food and medical care not murder and mayhem.  This result of a fallen world and battle for the hearts and minds of us and those that we care about is exhausting.  Slow down, man-up, decide what you're rooted in (hopefully The Word) take a deep breath and realize its already been decided and this is For our Good, I promise there will be Good from this.


Okay, MEN who haven't sent this to SPAM yet:  I AM FOR YOU!  GOD IS FOR YOU!  Your wife and kids are for you!!!  I'm serious dont forget these truths, they will help you in tumultuous times.  You are loved, cared for and this too shall pass.  If you need an ear, shoulder or voice let me know, if its not me I'll connect you to the correct man.  Draw on the strength of your band of brothers.


How are you living your life???  Wait What?!?  I'm trying to survive crisis after crisis you say.  Thats our present affliction but not our constant one.  


So, How are you living your life???


We can Endeavor to live to a life of Success or a Life of Significance.  


Life of Success means we strive for:  Wealth, Achievement, Status


Life of Significance means we strive for:  Generosity, Service, Relationships


I ask again, How are you Living your life?


You see the life of significance is the path less traveled but most richly blessed.  The life of significance ensures you solid standing and footing with those who matter most in your life (you may not see this currently).  The life of significance is one not about you but about the Ripples you can make with those you care about, the people in your home, your community, your church, your work, and eventually the world.  Change starts with you it takes the form of knowing what you live for:  Generosity, Service, Relationships.


There are 5 key areas to a Life of Significance:  Your Family Life, Your Physical Life, Your Spiritual Life, Your Work Life and Your Social Life


Think of each as a finger on your hand.  If one of these areas is lacking then the hand cannot function, you cannot function and your IMPACT and Attitude and everything you care about will suffer because of it. 


I know this I am living proof.  Seriously, at any given time I have a deficit in each of those areas and I have to catch myself and correct it. 


The world wants you focused on Success, the world wants you distracted from what matters most, the world wants you to watch it burn because it takes you from Generosity, Service, Relationships: Significance and turns you into the things that cause the problems, Wealth, Achievement, Status: Power...'success.' 


So I implore you to be a man, able to stem the tide, able to rise above and pursue your LIFE OF SIGNIFICANCE:  Generosity, Service, Relationships, Love.  Start at home, work, your community and show LOVE to others, smile at the checkout lady, wave to the cars passing by, invest in someone that you see daily but may not always register with, choose to be significant in the lives of the ones you are in contact with on a daily basis!


I dont know about you but it seems this is just the exact moment for us to do this.  What this world needs are MEN willing to choose significance over success.  To say yes to wife, kids, brothers, community, family and no to the outlandish pressures and needling of this broken world.  


Live your Life of Significance, with boldness, gusto, vim and vigor!  Make it happen be what those around you need today, YOU CAN DO IT I TRUST YOU TO DO IT!  You were made for this time, its not by accident.


Til next Monday!


Don't Fear the Day,


Jonathan Kennedy Jr


Building forward:


Attributes of an Endeavoring Man:

1.  Decide you are FOR something and not against it...I am FOR...this will set your sights on positive values and emotions.

2.  Make sure you have quiet time for you with God or to meditate, you need this for peace of mind.

3.  Pulse check with your family at least once a week.  You cannot lead your troops if you dont know where their hearts and minds are!

4.  The only disability is a POOR attitude!

5.  If you dont use it, you'll lose it!!...MOVE and pick up something HEAVY Daily!

6.  Play to your strengths, thats why God's given them to you!

7.  Go big, make a splash and create RIPPLES that survive more generations than your own.

8.  Lives a Life of Significance:  Generosity, Service, Relationships, Love.


**Definition of Endeavor:  to strive, toil, work towards something; Endeavoring the Act of striving, toiling, working towards something of value to you and those you love; 


Endeavoring Men: are those that are striving and toiling to be the best they can be, to maximize opportunities, to grow in brotherhood with one another, to be held accountable to a higher standard of life, that leaves a legacy, first and foremost at home and then our community and understands this life is not about us...not about us.

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